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LHS Top 10 – 3. Unice Kim

Get to know Number 3 Unice Kim as she reflects on her high school experience


Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice

What book world would you live in if reincarnated into it?: The Lord of the Rings

How do you prefer your eggs?: Scrambled

Favorite music genre: Classic

What an interesting hobby you have?: Reading and playing piano


Q: What college will you attend? What is your intended major and why that major?

A: “I’ll be attending UTD, and I’ll be majoring in computer science. I originally wanted to do chemical engineering, but they didn’t have that one. So, computer science was my second choice.”

Q: What extracurriculars have you been involved in throughout high school?

A: “I’ve been in StuCo, NHS, Interact, chess club and HOSA. I enjoy being with my friends and participating in volunteer activities.”

Q: What was the most challenging aspect about balancing extracurriculars and academics?

A: “I usually prioritize my academics. I would finish all of my schoolwork first, and if I have time left, then I would try to volunteer. I would create a list of things to do and try to prioritize the things I need to do first.”

Q: What class was the most challenging for you? Why?

A: “AP Physics II which I’m taking right now. It’s not because the class itself is hard, but because the teacher, Ms. Driscole, is sick right now so she left. It was hard for us students to do the work without her. Now we are having class with Dr. Delozier, so it’s gotten better.”

Q: Who has helped you the most throughout these last four years? How have they helped you?

A: “My friends really help me. One of my closest friends, Suchi, has helped me, and Eleanor helped me. They give me support throughout my studying and we study together, so that really helped.”

Q: What has been the most memorable part of high school?

A: “Hanging out with my friends and attending different events with them.”

Q: What advice would you give to your freshman self?

A: “I would say do more extracurriculars and try to take less AP [classes] because it was really stressful.”

Q: What are you most excited about regarding college?

A: “I look forward to actually doing what I want to do because it’s the major I chose. Also, being independent and away from home because I will be staying in a dorm. I’m looking forward to that.”

Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?

A: “I don’t have a set career path as of now, but I hope to be working and all set. I hope to figure that out.”

Q: What would you change about your high school experience? 

A: “I would try to be less stressed about getting all of my work done. There is no need to be that stressed. I would take more dual credit and less APs.”

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