Abandoned lockers

Students, staff give opinions on not having storage


Julissa Fortiz

Lockers in the E-wing are currently used as storage.

Lockers are part of the school’s history; every dent, scratch and graffiti mark has a story behind it. Yet, lockers haven’t been in use for years. 

“Using lockers and going to your locker in between classes is a big part of being in high school,” English teacher Holly Phillips said. “I’ve heard that part of why we don’t use lockers is because we have top and bottom lockers, they’re afraid that might cause a maze or a major traffic jam.”

Managing lockers would be another thing students implement before they get to class, adding to the bathroom pit stops, juicy conversations with friends and beating rush hour in the hallways.

“I really liked the idea of kids using them personally,” Philips said. “Some of the things we’ve talked about before is painting the outside of the lockers, so they’re more decorative than what they are now, to brighten up the hallways. You could do a mural on it or have the art club do contests where they could take different locker sections and they get to do a mural on the whole locker.”

Lockers could be the start of friendships, whether it’s the locker buddy or the neighbors. Although it may not be enjoyable to rush conversations with friends, as there are only five minutes to get to class. There are only lockers in the E wing, so it wouldn’t be accessible for all students.

“I think that it would be a very tough task to start,” assistant principal Mark True said. “I don’t think we have enough lockers to assign for every student. For students, it would be a task to make sure that they have locker combinations, they knew where their locker was at, and they would have to make sure there were teachers around to help out if somebody forgot their combination.” 

Currently, lockers are being used by teachers to store materials, textbooks or anything they feel desired to store. They are also used by multiple students who request them from the front office every year. 

“My backpack is very heavy,” sophomore Precious Cornelius said. “I would compare it to lugging around a few bricks. Even though it’s heavy, I don’t think I would use a locker if I had one. I’ve gotten so used to carrying my backpack around, I just prefer it. I do think using lockers should be open to everyone, even if you don’t want to use it, it should be an option.”

An average locker, similar to the ones the school owns, costs around $150. Considering the large amount of lockers the school has, thousands of dollars were put into buying them. Since they’re not in use, the school could have put the money to something else students would use.

“I would suggest that we keep them and use them for storage,” True said. “The small little spaces that they offer, we can keep some small books in there. If we don’t keep them, it will just cost more money to take them out than it is to just leave them there.”