Farmer Fiction: ‘Haunted’ showcases new setting for readers

Author James Patterson writes yet another smashing murder mystery novel


Marissa Redding

James Patterson’s “Haunted” was published Sept. 18, 2017.

James Patterson’s ongoing “Michael Bennett” series showcases a new setting in the 10th novel, “Haunted.” Incorporating real life situations, family issues and murder, Patterson squeezes in a new perspective for readers about Michael’s thoughts on the events occurring around him.

Patterson often uses murder mysteries in his novels, such as in his “Confessions” series. In both original series, the main characters solve crime and have problems in their families which change them. The way Patterson writes detail about the families incorporates an inside scoop for the audience.

I fumbled with the pancake batter because of the stitches in my hand. The Bennett household kitchen wasn’t small, but this morning it felt like I was on top of Mary Catherine as we whipped up enough to feed all ten kids. Wait a minute. Nine kids.

The story takes place in a small town in Maine, where the Bennett family takes a vacation after Michael is forced to take off of work. He is a cop in a bustling city and the deserted town seems like a wonderful vacation idea until complications arrive and cause him to reunite with an old friend who persuades him to help her on a case. They end up putting themselves into a rough situation with murder and drug dealing, which causes tension for the reader as the plot thickens.

After the climax, Michael’s family becomes carefree and happier than before they went on the vacation. A massive surprise is announced at the end which changes the family and is a long-awaited event for readers who are huge fans of the Bennett series. 

Readers may associate Patterson with Stephen King who writes more horror stories, however, Patterson’s books involve more murder. Patterson’s writing in “Haunted” is similar to Stephen Wallenfels in the novel “Bad Call.” Both novels have relationship issues and secrets which won’t be revealed until the end. The way Patterson uses a ginormous amount of detail to explode the story line is wonderful for readers to see the story in a whole new look.

Those who enjoy books with complicated relationships, murder, mystery and realistic situations will be engulfed in “Haunted.” If one reads this novel before the others, however, they may be a bit confused with the storyline in the beginning, for they give too little of a summary for what happened before. Overall “Haunted” earns 4 out of 5 stars because the plot is true to the given summary and is well put together.