Farmer Fiction: ‘White Stag’ captivates readers’ attention

Author Kara Barberi releases first book of series, second to come in November


Courtesy of St. Martin’s Publishing Group.

Twenty-three-year-old author Kara Barbieri, or as she calls herself on Wattpad “Pandean,” joined the app in October 2015. Pandean has published a total of five books and “White Stag” received the most attention from readers.

Seventeen-year-old Janneke Kostenin was kidnapped after Lydian, the most powerful cruel goblin in Permafrost, burns Kostenin’s village to the ground. She was made a slave to the court of merciless goblins and was going to serve as their slave till death. The book later uncovers the dangerous truths about her as she tries to understand who and what she is. Barbieri had formal writing in her book which made readers like it more.

At the beginning of the book, the Goblin King was killed by someone named Soren. He killed the king because Lydian, a cold-hearted man who has never shown any emotion besides anger, had previously given the king the choice of what to do with Kostenin. 

Soren didn’t want the choice to be left to the king, so he thought it would be appropriate to kill him, something Lydian and others of the court of merciless goblins were unhappy with. They wanted revenge for this evil act. A portion of the audience was thankful to the lords because they didn’t like the king, giving a good shock to readers.

“White Stag” contains graphic and violent scenes that may trigger some people, however, these scenes add more detail and imagination.

Barbieri has made a sequel to “White Stag” titled “Goblin King,” which will be released on Nov. 3, 2020. After Soren met Kostenin through Lydian, Soren immediately disliked her until Soren started to get soft around Kostenin and get along. Years later, they developed a strong bond and ended up finding the new Goblin King on Permafrost. Traveling with Soren to find and explore the deep mysteries, Kostenin finds out deep secrets about the people she used to call her family and friends. The second book is more about Kostenin and Soren bringing their friendship together through the adventure of finding the new king.

“White Stag” receives 4 out of 5 stars because it’s unique as it contains more than one character’s point of view. Fans agree this book is a fantastic fantasy, romance and action novel.