Theater presents “The Secret in The Wings”

Annual winter show will be on Jan. 31, Feb. 1 and 2


Courtesy of Lewisville Theatre.

The theater department will perform its winter show, Mary Zimmerman’s “The Secret in The Wings,” in the Stuver Auditorium on Thursday Jan. 31, and Feb. 1 and 2 at 7 p.m. Student tickets will be selling for $7 and adults for $10; they can be purchased online at or at the door.

The show consists of a compilation of fairy tales but with a darker twist. Unlike most children stories or fantasies, the show’s take on the classic genre isn’t necessarily always happy.

“At first [the tales] seem normal but toward the middle and the end, they have this sort of dark twist to them,” senior Christian Holeman said. “That doesn’t always mean they [don’t have] happy endings but it does leave you uncomfortable which is interesting to me.”

While the show has a mature undertone, it should be safe enough for the whole family to enjoy. Viewers of all ages are welcome to come experience the performances.

“It’s not your typical Cinderella happy ending,” senior Sarah Henninger said. “It’s a little more realistic but still playing in the fantasy area.”

Leading up to the day of the performance, the cast and crew have been working hard to ensure their execution on show day will be flawless. On the day of the show, the actors and tech crew make sure they’re well prepared to put on an outstanding performance.

“I make sure [the night] before I get a good night sleep,” senior Mahek Jaffer said. “I drink water when I wake up and make sure I’m in a good mood [on the day of the show].”

Though putting on an exceptional show requires tremendous hard work and dedication from both the actors and the crew, the feeling of pride they’re rewarded with after their performance makes all the preparation worth it to them.

“I’ve been acting for two years, so getting to see all of [my friends] have a great time, being in all of their fun costumes and putting on a successful performance makes me so proud,” Henninger said. “I think that’s my favorite part.”