Review: NewJeans grabs fans’ attention with new album ‘OMG’

K-pop girl group releases high-anticipated comeback


Courtesy of ADOR.

The highly-recognizable group NewJeans released their newest mini album “OMG.” NewJeans debuted on July 22, 2022 with their first single “Attention.” The five members Haerin, Minji, Hyein, Danielle and Hanni show a new side of themselves with their two new songs. Though they’ve only been debuting together for five months, the group grew tremendously around social media. 

Their first extended play (EP) titled “New Jeans” released in Aug. 8 and broke the record of best-selling debut by a Korean girl group. With all the love and hype NewJeans has, fans anxiously waited for their comeback. 

Their pre-released single “Ditto” left fans in awe. Minji co-wrote the song and she did an excellent job with how beautifully executed the lyrics are. The song starts with a whimsical feeling and immediately fans could tell this song is not a hype song. Up til now, NewJeans songs were upbeat and dance base, but “Ditto” is more calm with lyrics talking about loving someone but not knowing they love you back. While this song is not like their usual, fans can still dance to it. On TikTok “Ditto” is being played all over with viewers covering the dance. 

The pre-chorus is definitely the best part. Hyein’s high note in the lyric “lose” will leave the audience with chills. The next part in the pre-chorus “Ra-ta-ta-ta” is odd but catchy. These girls are new in the K-pop industry and are younger than most idols, yet being rookies doesn’t stop them from making top chart songs. 

Hanni co-wrote the lyrics for title track “OMG.” At first “OMG” wasn’t impressive but when replaying the song it starts to become addictive. The chorus is the best part with “Oh my, oh my god,” and the dance moves with it. NewJeans knows how to make a good chorus with a memorable dance move. 

The vocals are nothing too crazy, but the way Hanni and Danielle sing during the chorus is praise-worthy and made the entire song much better. NewJeans don’t have official positions, as for who’s the dancer or vocalist of the group, but each member shines during this comeback. “OMG” is definitely one of their best songs, with amazing singing and outstanding dance moves. 

NewJeans is different from other fourth generation K-pop groups but that is what makes them interesting. While they only debuted less than a year ago, NewJeans is doing big things in the K-pop industry and will only achieve more. The mini album “OMG” deserves every praise and recognition, receiving 4 out of 5 stars.