Review: Queens of K-pop third generation return

TWICE presents new album “Ready to Be”


Courtesy of JYP Entertainment.

TWICE came back with another mini album on Friday, March 10. The nine members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment back in summer of 2022 before their seven year contract ended. Fans were overloaded with happiness knowing TWICE will continue music together. 

Not only did TWICE release a new Extended Play (EP), but TWICE is going on their fifth world tour this summer. Tickets go on sale March 22. 

The title track “Set me free” is a mature concept but with the first listen, fans fell in love. The pre-chorus is addictive with Sana and Dahyun singing with their head voice beautifully. Every member had their own chance to show the world why they deserve the Billboard 2023 Women in Music Breakthrough award.

In the chorus of “Set me free,” Nayeon vocals leave chills. Nayeon has one of the best voices in K-pop and makes TWICE who they are. Fans are obsessed with the dance during the chorus, as TWICE do a dance move where they put their hands up together as if they were tied, singing “set me free.” The rap line, which consists of Dahyun, Momo and Chaeyoung, shocked fans. Those girls showed who was boss and rap well. 

The next song “Got the thrills” is a hype song that K-pop fans can dance to. Jihyo is the one that stands out the most with this song. Fans call her “mother” since she always slays with her vocals. The chorus is catchy and sounds different from TWICE’s usual songs. Once again the rap line plus Jeongyeon is the best part of the song. Their rap is short but still manages to shine through. 

Blame it on me,” written by Dahyun, leaves fans in shock since they did a rock and roll style but TWICE didn’t disappoint. The chorus is interesting, as they have an echo with deeper voices but it sounds astounding. This entire album the rap line didn’t hide their skills and shows how incredible they can rap.

So far “Ready to Be” has been songs fans can dance to but “Wallflower” is a softer melody. TWICE can do any style of singing and they can still make songs that are worth listening to. Jeongyeon and Mina’s parts give goosebumps; they usually don’t have many lines, but during “Wallflower” they stand out more. While the chorus is not the strongest because it is literally TWICE repeating the word wallflower, it still sounds catchy. The song can’t end without Dahyun and Chaeyoung delivering one of their best raps.

Dahyun wrote “Crazy stupid love” as well. This song is another fluffy song with TWICE’s angelic vocals. This time Chaeyoung and Dahyun start the song and they don’t rap; it is always nice when those members sing. Jeongyeon during the lyrics “crazy, stupid lo-o-o-ve” left fans happy with the way she sings. “Crazy stupid love” every member stood out. This entire album Chaeyoung has been catching fans’ attention as she’s been given more lines, which makes TWICE’s songs better. 

Though it initially released as a pre-release single on Jan. 20, “Moonlight Sunrise” is included on “Ready to Be” and is entirely in English. Fans enjoyed it a lot. Each member’s vocals, especially those from Nayeon, Jihyo and Sana, have parts fans couldn’t stop freaking out about. The best part of “Moonlight Sunrise” is Chaeyoung’s rap; she manages to catch fans’ eyes with her flow and attractive voice. The song was a great way to get fans excited for the rest of the album. TWICE also released the “Set me free” English version. 

“Ready to Be” was a no-skip album. TWICE doesn’t make bad music even after seven years. They truly are a talented group that only gets better and better. Each song has their moments and deserves to be on everyone’s playlist. “Ready to Be” is a 5 out 5 star album.