Lit mag seeks original work

Students’ stories to be published in magazine


Jazmin Monjaras

Students from lit mag listen to a peer’s poem during B-block on Thursday, Feb. 7.

The Pomegranate, the school’s literary magazine (lit mag), is calling for writers, photographers and artists for its yearly publication. The idea for naming the magazine “The Pomegranate” comes from the pomegranate fruit being maroon.

Two years ago, English teacher Mary Davenport came up with the idea for The Pomegranate. After seeing amazing work from her students, she decided to make a club for them to show their talents to the world.

“When I was hired here, I asked if we had [a literary magazine] because a lot of high schools have them,” Davenport said. “It will be nice to eventually be able to compete [with other] high schools.”

To those students who wish to join, there are no requirements. Members of The Pomegranate should be willing to have something published and be willing to persuade others to publish.

“[Students who submit should want] to share their own work and the work of others [and] want to put together an aesthetic and detailed and organized issue,” Davenport said.

Senior Alyssa Fox hopes to publish her work for The Pomegranate. It is difficult for lit mag to get their work published as a team right now, but with additional people joining, publishing will be easier.

“I submitted last year,” Fox said. “I will be submitting again this year. I’m submitting a poem that I wrote for my AP literature class.”

Members of lit mag are in charge of formatting submitted material for publishing as well as collecting submitted material. Fox joined The Pomegranate because she was in poetry club the year before.

“The two clubs are very close and share similar teachers,” Fox said. “[The advisers are] both English teachers.”

Senior Jacob Herod joined lit mag last year, and he loves the idea of publishing students’ work for other students to read.

“I find that the most enjoyable aspect of it [lit mag] is being able to publish students’ work for students to enjoy,” Herod said.

Students should bring their own original content and submit their work to [email protected] by Friday, Feb. 8. Meetings are every Thursday during B-block in room E114. Students will receive a copy of the published magazine in the upcoming poetry night that will be announced at a later date.

“Lit mag gives students the opportunity to have their greatest writing on full display for the students and faculty of [the school and] show everyone they have a voice that matters,” Herod said.