Annual art show returns

Artists rise at district showcase


Courtesy of Lewisville ISD.

From an average art assignment to a spot in the Lewisville Grand Art Gallery, nine teen artists were chosen to have their art displayed by their art teachers in order to continue the long tradition. The art show will take place from Feb. 11-26 in Old Town Lewisville. 

Art teachers Eric Champion and Shanna Blair took note of students who stood out and submitted them to administration. With the limited number of slots available, nine students got their art pieces displayed. 

“LHS split their slots with Harmon and Killough,” Champion said. “All of the teachers chose their best class pieces and submitted them.”

Junior Angel De La Luz and senior Vianney Villarreal presented artwork to the gallery that had specific meanings to them. Colors, contrast and hidden meanings were presented. 

De La Luz submitted artwork of a dog that caught his eye randomly.

“It was outstanding because one eye was black and one eye was blue,” De La Luz said.

Inspiration came in many different forms for individual students. Villarreal’s artwork, for reference, was inspired by a Melanie Martinez song and her love for pastel colors.

“Just going somewhere and like seeing your drawing there, it was really cool,” Villarreal said. 

Outside experts, usually college professors, are brought in to judge the artwork to decide if their art pieces make it in the show. If students who presented art pieces pass the second round, awards are possible.

“At first I was just walking, I was like ‘Oh yay art,’ and then I saw it and I was like ‘Oh that’s actually something that I did,’” Villarreal said.