Return of the roast

Coffee stand in library to reopen after two-year closure


Julissa Fortiz

The cafe in the library is set to reopen soon, but the date is undecided.

The cafe stand in the library has been closed for two years now, yet the stand still remains. After having been in business for eight years, the stand was shut down at the start of COVID-19 due to staff shortage from Aramark, the company that supplies the district with all food services. There is no opening date yet, however after an Aramark training three weeks ago, administration has hope of opening it soon.

“What I have requested is the sooner the better,” principal Jim Baker said. “I would like it to start immediately because it’s a real cool opportunity with block lunch, and the ability to be with your friends. You have time to wait in line, get a coffee, and then enjoy that time with your friends, head to your club, or to your tutoring session. Our building is designed for juniors and seniors, the more mature group of students in public school. I’m hopeful to have the cafe as an option because I think our kids can handle it and have a lot of fun with it. I think it’s a good thing overall.”

When the cafe stand was open, it offered a variety of foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, sandwiches, cookies, small cakes and more.

“I enjoyed that cafe,” said Miriam Calixto, 2013 graduate and Harmon world geography teacher. “I remember when they first opened it up, it was something that all students at the time were really looking forward to because there was talk about coffee being offered, smoothies being offered, sandwiches being offered, cookies being offered, so there was a variety of goods that were offered. What I do remember is that it was always packed.”

When senior Matthew Lee was a freshman, he recalled several of his friends would talk about how much they enjoyed the cafe.

“It’d be really nice to have coffee here, especially after the whole day,” Lee said. “ It’d be really nice to have that energy back after a full day of school because some people have work and stuff. Sometimes they’re just so, so tired after going through all these tests and homework, it’d be awful to just go straight to work afterward without that needed boost.”

Principal Baker, who loves coffee, looks forward to the opening of the cafe, as do many coffee-loving students.

“Judging on the number of students who want to come in the building with their Starbucks or their 151, it’s obviously a popular thing right now to have your coffee or have your cafe-style drink,” Baker said. “So I think it’s really cool and hopefully it’ll start soon.”