Spreading the love

Student Council to sell candy grams


Jade Slaughter

Student Council is selling Candy Grams to be delivered to recipients on Tuesday, Feb. 14.

Love-struck students fill the hallways with affection and endearment during this time of year. Peers are able to buy gifts for others for Valentine’s Day through Student Council’s candy gram fundraiser that delivers carnations, suckers and teddy bears.

The candy grams will be on sale until Feb. 13 and will be delivered on Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. The purpose of these funds are to aid the cost toward activities such as prom and homecoming. 

“We already have like $200 in sales,” StuCo treasurer Ethan Cosio said. ”I think it’s a good thing, you don’t have to do anything. We get the bears, candy and flowers and make sure they are delivered.”

The participating students’ will have their names and ID numbers saved into a system with gifts sent to their first, second and third periods. The gifts will be distributed to the student or to the teachers.

“If there’s an error, we have everything in a system so that if you say you got one and or you didn’t get one, I can look back to see if you paid,” Cosio said. “I hope there’s no errors because I’m running this program.” 

Candy gram is set up by students for those who want to spread love toward their significant others. The student activities director Allison Stamey and her student volunteers created a way for classmates to sell traditional gifts for Valentine’s Day. 

“We started doing the valentine’s candy gram several years ago when we realized it was just easier on our students to be able to pay a small amount and get a bunch of stuff and have it delivered to their friend or valentine in the classes,” Stamey said. “It started maybe five years ago, six years ago.”

The candy gram program has impacted the lives of many students who typically struggle with bringing valentines to people at school, so the program has stepped up to help those students.

“A guy had a crush on a girl in his class,” Stamey said. “And he was scared to talk to her so he sent her a candy gram and then she went and thanked him and then they started dating. They’re still together.”