Pies for prosthetics

Interact club hosts annual charity event


Claire Delaire

Students throw whipped cream at nominated teachers.

Interact club hosted their annual pie throw on April 6 outside of the cafeteria during A and B block lunch. All of the money they raised will go toward Limbs For Life to provide prosthetics for individuals in need.

In 2021, Interact raised $800 for Autism In Action, the second year raised $1,100 for St. Jude’s and this year raised over $900 for Limbs For Life.

The art department had the initial idea for a pie throw fundraiser,” Interact sponsor Stuart Hollowell said. “During the COVID-19 school year, most events were on hold and Interact needed a fundraising option that we could do while keeping 6 feet apart.”

As the years have gone on, the event has increased in popularity with both students and teachers. For teachers like Dawn Chegwidden and Mark Yanda, it was their first time participating in the event. Despite it not being AVID teacher Joseph Gonzalez’s first experience with the fundraiser, the atmosphere was completely different.

“I saw a kid smiling outside who I never see smile,” Gonzalez said. “Who seems to say only negative things about school and for a moment, they were 16, they were laughing and being kids.” 

Students made the effort to show up and donate money toward this year’s charity group in order to throw a plate full of whipped cream at a chosen teacher’s face.

“Pie throws are fairly common, but they don’t happen at Lewisville,” Interact president Olivia Kabano said. “Offering students this opportunity is something they usually can’t pass up.”