Senior Goodbye: Growing pains

‘I always knew I planned on leaving Texas, but I couldn’t imagine it would be this bittersweet.’


“I know better things are coming, but I can’t help but worry I’ll lose myself without this outlet.”

114,170. That is the current population of Lewisville as I sit here and try to find the words to  describe the last four years.

My entire life I felt  this town wasn’t big enough for me. Five minutes down Main Street you enter Flower Mound. Just past the 3040 Walmart you end up in Coppell. Hop on the highway and head into Grapevine. For me, Lewisville holds few new adventures. I’ve discovered all of its secret nooks and crannies. I always knew I planned on leaving Texas, but I couldn’t imagine it would be this bittersweet. Thinking of the last moments I’ll have in this town is hard; I pass by my old schools and remember how little I was then. The days where what I would do at recess was my only problem. Or getting the sweet nostalgia playing hide and seek in Walmart with my friends.

Despite how much I talk about not liking this town and being eager to leave, I know I will miss it here. This town and the people in it have helped shape me into the person I am today. Thank you to everyone I have met whether we were friends or just classmates, your existence has helped me learn to stand on my own two feet and say goodbye.

To Harmony: BABESSSSS!! I love you! Thank you for always being there whenever I needed you. It’s hard for me to believe we only met a year ago. I feel like I have known you my whole life. You are one of my favorite people no matter how much we bully each other. I will never admit it but I love all the TikToks you send me. Thank you for all the laughs and trips to Bank of America. I love how you just accept my crazy driving and are always down for the ride. I promise to FaceTime you lots on campus and send you lots of touristy gifts. 

To Olana: I probably have to show you this while we’re in Lancaster’s class. Thank you for always being my rock! I know we’re rooming together (I refuse to stop mentioning it) and everything, but I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for teaching me to laugh and not take everything so seriously. I have loved watching you grow into a beautiful light in my life. I promise to always be here for you as long as you don’t murder me in my sleep. I don’t care how intriguing it might seem we are not in anatomy class and you are not a qualified surgeon.  

To Abigail: Sorry about all the times I almost killed you. I promise someday I’ll remember, but just in case teach me the ways of the epipen. I have loved reconnecting with you. We’ve grown from adventures in the woods by your house to supporting each other’s passions. Thank you for making me a better person and teaching me to have fun again. I can’t wait to be roommates (I will never shut up about this!) and make many new memories in Chicago!

To Madina: I can’t believe I am leaving you. You have been my rock in yearbook. I am so glad you sat at my table last spring. You are one of my favorite underclassmen. I know you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Thank you for being the friend I didn’t know I needed. Call me if you ever need anything.

To Ruben: I can’t believe you used to be the quiet kid in the room. I know I bullied you out of your shell, but I am glad I did. You are like the little brother I never had. Thank you for your attempts at teaching me how sports work. Maybe I’ll get it one day but no promises. I can not thank you enough for inviting me to watch the Stars game for your birthday. I know how much sports mean to you and being able to share your excitement with me was a blessing. I know you’ll have so much fun next year getting to officially know the newspaper kids and stepping up in orchestra. Don’t miss me too much and have a great senior year kid!

To My Newspaper Loves: You guys are a gift sent from the universe. After spending time together on trips and hijacking third period, I have grown to love y’all. AJ, thank you for being such a kind soul and always getting me out of my comfort zone. Jade, thank you for your constant relatability and southern momma instinct. Taylor, you are such a light in newspaper. I know you have a great future ahead of you. Rae, thank you for always letting me in to cause problems in G213. I can’t wait to see all of your future accomplishments. Alexa, I am so happy we got to reconnect. We have both been through some stuff and made it out on the other side. Keep spending questionable amounts of money on YouTubers merch, and I hope one day you get to meet Dream. Claire, I can’t describe how weird being friends with you has changed me. You inspire me to keep writing the most outlandish things. I hope you have fun after graduation. Enjoy your time as a newfound adult. I wish you all the best and love you guys so much!

To Pinkham: I know you are probably cringing in your seat right now, but I owe you the biggest thanks. Without you, I would not have made the transition back to school. Thank you for giving me an outlet to put all my energy into. Trusting me to become EIC was a great honor you have taught me to go with the rollercoaster that is life. From all the ups, downs and sideways you have been there to panic and celebrate with me. We made it through the year and created an amazing work. Thank you for all the late nights and last minute cram sessions you did to get the book done. I will treasure it always. It’s hard to say goodbye to you and G213, but I know you won’t let me stay here forever. You are one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. I know it makes you cringe, but you really did save me that day I walked through your door. I could not have asked for a better comrade to spend my year with. It will be weird to not come up to your classroom when I’m bored or just feel like bothering newspaper, but Chicago is calling my name. I promise to always spam you with updates like Andrea and will send my nephew many gifts. 

I think if I write anymore I will definitely start crying so thank you Fahar community for letting me have my five minutes of fame. I know better things are coming, but I can’t help but worry I’ll lose myself without this outlet. So here I promise to continue to laugh and be crazy with the help of my roommates and future adventures. “I got the best friends in this place and I’m holding on.”