Strike streak

Bowling Club takes aim at district championship


Graphic by Laura Godinez

The underdog sports team of the school is proving that their voices deserve to be heard and recognized.

The Bowling Club has had a total of 10 games and have won 8 of them. They are currently in third place in district with an opportunity to claim the district title.

The bowling team defeated Byron Nelson 14-1 last Saturday, Jan. 31. Six out of 10 games rolled by the team were over 200.

The individual scores were Caleb Gamble 205-206 (best set of the season), Courtland Carpenter 221-202 (13th in District), Blake Boggs 215-237 (12th in District), Conner Mixson 193-216 (3rd in District), Robert Benson 158-203 (10th in District) and Cody Noel 190-175 (18th in District).

The top eight players will qualify for regionals. Mixson, Benson, Boggs and Carpenter all have a chance to qualify.

Bowling doesn’t really require a certain fitness requirement, and for some, bowling may not even be about physical attributes at all. For some, it is more a mental exercise.

“It’s a very complex sport,” senior Devon Stephens said. “It’s all about the mental aspect for me. It gives me a clear mind. It’s not just about physical attributes; it’s a mental game, so it helps clear my head.”

Most of the players seem to agree that bowling is a good way to let off steam.

“It’s kind of a stress reliever, because if I’m mad and I bowl it takes my mind off the situation and I begin to feel good,” Benson said.

Certainly anyone can go to a bowling alley, but it takes a certain amount of skill and practice to become an actual bowler, Stephens said.

A few years ago when no one stepped up to become coach of the bowling team math teacher Ronald Baxter took it into consideration and took over, and has led the team to several victories.

Although Baxter doesn’t agree that bowling is a stress reliever, he still enjoys coaching the team.

“Being coach is fun but it takes time away from my family and work,” Baxter said.