Striking for opportunities

Bowling teams hope to makes regional with current boys’ record of [3-3], girls’ record of [0-4]


The bowling team poses for the 2019-2020 team photo. Courtesy of Portia Dowell-Simmons.

With the start of the season on Saturday, Oct. 26, the boys’ bowling team’s current record is [3-3] and the girls’ bowling team’s current record is [0-4] due to the team not having an extra girl player. Since the beginning of the season, the bowling teams have gone through various changes by gaining more players and working on improving their bowling skills. With these changes, the teams have adapted to a different environment by not giving up on their goals to win matches.

“This is my first season and it has not been easy as one expects it to be,” boys’ varsity coach Raul Castilleja Sr. said. “I have enjoyed coaching the kids, learning from them and teaching them how to talk to each other and work as a solid team. It has been [a] pleasure getting to know each kid, helping them and mainly watching them form lasting friendships.”

Although they have improved since last season, the teams work on helping the new members learn the ropes of bowling.

“[They have improved on] their aim and their power,” junior Cora Dowell-Simmons said. “When you’re new, you sometimes get into the gutter, [but they are] mostly improving on keeping the ball out of the gutter and aiming toward the pins.” 

With the help and support of their coaches, the bowlers hope they are able to put enough work in to accomplish their goals. Their next games are against Irving Nimitz on Saturday, Dec. 21 at 12:30 in Euless at Bowlero.

“Our team expectations are to keep winning and go to regional,” girls’ varsity coach Portia Dowell-Simmons said. “[The bowlers] come together as one, helping each other during practice and offer advice on ways to make difficult shots on the lane. [The] girls [have] each improved their bowling average every tournament and they constantly encourage each other to be better and to stay positive.”