Shooting for higher goals

Girls’ soccer team uses teamwork to succeed at games


Yulyana Clemente

Junior Michelle Cortez and sophomore Mia Espinoza practice during third period on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

With a current record of 1-2-2, the girls’ soccer team won against Paschal, lost to Denton Ryan and Keller and tied against Midlothian and Forney. On Tuesday, Jan. 22, they will be playing against Flower Mound on their opponents field. Despite a less than stellar season so far, the team is feeling optimistic about the future.

“I think we are going to be pretty good this year,” junior captain Iyanah Hicks said. “We have a young team and we [are] all coming together and [we’ve] been playing really hard teams and we are keeping up with them.”

The girls practice for about four hours every school day to maintain their skill level. They work on their technique before, during and after school with the goal of improving results on the field.

“We focused more on skills and touches,” senior Daniela Gomez said. “Before the season started, [we worked on] ball work, foot work, condition and run.”

This year is soccer coach Jason Gaglione’s first year coaching the girls’ soccer team. After becoming accustomed to the new coach and new team members, the girls are now able to focus on the technical aspects of the sport. They plan to take their training one step at a time, building upon skills throughout the season.

“Our goals as [a] team is to be better then we were yesterday,” Gaglione said. “To take it step by step, training one day at a time and be better than when we woke up that day.”

To maintain their bond, the team has group events where they go hang out after school hours or during the weekend. By doing this, they are able to work effectively on the field because they have developed a stronger connection and will be able to communicate effectively.

“We do different things go to diners and do different activities but we do spend a lot of time together,” Gaglione said. “We’ve done pre-game dinners, bowling for a Christmas party. We’re a very tight group.”

The girls are committed to the team and it shows during a game that they have a strong bond. This friendship improves communication on the field, creating a smoother play.

“I think it’s great being a part of [the team],” Gomez said. “You can become friends with a lot of people and they turn into your family and the love and support you have for them [is] great.”