Kicking into new goals

Boys’ soccer begins district with a loss


Stephanie Rosas

Junior forward Ethan Carbajal (21) runs after the ball in effort to regain control of it.

With the boys’ soccer season starting, the soccer players are excited to have a chance to land a place in the playoffs this year. After losing on Tuesday, Jan. 22, against Flower Mound, the team’s current standing is [4-2-3]. The next game will take place on Friday, Jan. 25, against Irving MacArthur at MacArthur stadium. This year, the captains wish to see their team members put forth more effort during practice.

“Last year we started with four losses and that prevented us from going to playoffs; I want to bounce back from that,” senior captain Leonel Romo said. “Our goal is to do better than last year, [although our] main goal is to get to playoffs.”

The players hope to benefit from security and unity. The team plans to work together to grow as athletes over the course of this season.

“The [players] this year are hardworking, they all have their strengths,” Romo said. “[I also want] to lead the team and be an example, not only as a player, but as a person.”

Due to their common goal of making it to playoffs, the players’ commitment to the sport has grown this season. Working as a team is still an issue but the players are moving past their differences and making an effort to grow together.

“I like the work ethic the players have; the only thing that I would want them to change is I want them to be committed to the team and go to practice every day,” Martinez said. “I would like to personally [be a] better captain [and] be more personal with them.”

Depending on each other during tough times allows for the group to better themselves on and off the field. The team wants to reach their full potential and earn a spot in playoffs, so teamwork is necessary to do that.

“I think we are ahead of where we were last year,” head coach Brandon McCallum said. “I try and put them in as many situations as possible in order for them to be successful. [Their] team unity is good, players are focused and results of our preseason games have been positive [but] improving [our defense] would be huge.”

After losing a spot in the playoffs last season, the team remains optimistic. The players want to continue through district with a positive outlook and will continue to work hard through the remainder of the season in order to reach their goal.

“Last year we were close to [making] playoffs [but] if you try hard [anything] is possible; it’s all about how much you want it,” junior captain Run Cung said.