Kicking into playoffs

Boys’ soccer plays as one unit with current district record of [5-4-4]

Winning the home game against Hebron on Tuesday, March 10 with a final score of 1-0, the boys’ varsity soccer team successfully clinched a spot in playoffs. Their district record of [5-4-4] earns them their rank as fourth in district. The players improved with their various practices and games throughout the season and continue to strive for a better skillset and team dynamic.

“We have some really talented individual players,” boys’ soccer coach Brandon McCallum said. “[All of them] work hard to make the most of that talent in [a] team setting. [I enjoy] watching these guys grow up into quality young men.”

At first, the team struggled to create close bonds with one another, which resulted in a lack of communication on the field and difficulties in playing as one unit. However, as the season progressed, the team grew closer with one another and all worked to improve their skill as a whole.

“Most players didn’t get along at all and now we’re closer,” senior Brody Webster (19) said. “[We’re all] pushing to do our best and [we’re] constantly improving.”

Senior captain Ethan Carbajal (21) had to form a unified team as the season went on, struggling in the beginning with said task. However, as the games continued to pass by, the team diligently worked to improve, their practices paying off as they made it to playoffs.

“[The team captain has to] communicate with the whole team [and] encourage them, picking them up when they’re not having a good game,” Carbajal said. “We built a better bond with each other and became a stronger team; connecting with [each other] definitely helped us improve.”

As the team continues to improve, the players await their last district away game against Marcus on Tuesday, March 17 at 7:30. From there, they will continue to playoffs and strive to remain as one unit and to maintain their positive mindset.

“I have to work harder so the whole team sees that they all have to work harder,” Carbajal said. ”Attitude is a big part of the game [and] I believe in my teammates so [that] we become more confident as a whole.”