Missing the mark

Softball team ended its season on Thursday, April 18


Stephany Jara

Senior Haven Grider (5) waits for the pitch during the game against Coppell on Friday, April 9.

The softball team concluded its season on Thursday, April 18, finishing with a record of 10-14 and ending with a loss to rival, Marcus. While the team had struggles, the players are still confident in what they accomplished throughout the season. They’re excited about the steady improvement they have shown to prepare for next year.

“We had a pretty decent season, but we could’ve done better,” sophomore Erin Bonehill said. “We did a lot better than we did last year.”

Although they didn’t have a winning record, the team wants to keep its spirits high in order to improve on next season to hopefully go into playoffs.

“I think we just need to stay positive,” sophomore Delaney Swinson said. “[We need to] lift each other up when we’re down so we can work together.”

Next year, head coach Lori Alexander wants the team to focus on winning games, limiting mistakes in tournaments and boosting individual strategies to enhance the season.

“[They need to] work hard and come back ready to compete,” head softball coach Lori Alexander said. “[And] not make young mistakes.”

The softball team had numerous underclassmen and although they did go through some growing pains, the girls grew through the year and became more of a close-knit group.

“We were fifth in district with a very young team,” Alexander said. “We really grew as a family and program.”