Building bonds

Girls’ softball team pitches through 2018-2019 season


Valerie Benzinger

The Fighting Farmer Softball team’s current record is 9-10.

With the start of the season on Tuesday, Jan. 29, the softball team [9-11 overall, 3-5 in district] is off to a difficult start with five losses in district. With a 1-0 loss against Flower Mound High School on Friday, March 29, the team faced an unfavorable result in the second round of district. This year, the senior captains will take on the responsibility in guiding the new players on the fundamentals of softball.

“We’re learning [about] our upcoming [freshmen] players,” senior co-captain Priscilla Worthington said. “I’ve become more comfortable with helping out the other girls. I try to help out whenever I can. I like to help them. I help with after school practices [and when we] have drills. Everything is changing compared to last year.”

Senior co-captain Haven Grider shares the responsibility of making sure new players know the rules of softball. With her position as captain, she helps motivate her team to give their all during games.

“[This season] we’re still trying to develop because we’re a [young team],” Grider said. “We’re trying to figure out each other but I think [later on] we’ll be able to play as a team.”

The girls are still adjusting to new players on the team. Along with that, the captains are still getting used to their new positions and filling in the shoes of their former teammates who have graduated. Even though they are new to being captains, they are determined to make sure the new players work hard this season.

“[This season’s] different [because] of the whole mindset on the field because it’s all just a mindset for the girls,” Worthington said. “[This season’s] different from last year because we changed locker rooms, we changed coaches, everything is changing compared to last year.”

The start of the season brought several changes, including a new level of togetherness within the team. Progressing into the season and heading into district the girls formed a stronger bond with one another.

“This season is different from last season [and] I feel like we have a lot of possibility,” junior Sierra Nixon said. “Since we’ve grown up together throughout high school, we just know how to carry each other on our backs and pick each other up when we need it.”

The next scheduled game is against Irving MacArthur on Tuesday, April 2 at 7 p.m.

“[We] just [want to] end on a positive note,” Worthington said. “[We want a] good [season] whether it ends bad or good.”