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Valerie Benzinger

“Overall, Dunkin’ Donuts is the superior coffee chain because it gives customers amazing coffee for a bargain price point.”

Fast-food chain Dunkin’ Donuts was established in 1950. From the company’s beginnings, it has been dedicated to serving high-quality coffee and donuts at a low price and in a timely manner. Now, Dunkin’ serves delicious coffee and various breakfast foods efficiently for a fair price.

The food served at Dunkin’ includes donuts, donut holes called “Munchkins,” breakfast sandwiches and other pastries, such as croissants and muffins. The donuts served are always fresh and taste delicious when paired with a cup of joe. The donuts also come in 12 different flavors, not including seasonal options, with availability varying for each store. This level of customization is rarely seen elsewhere and is part of what makes Dunkin’ so special.

While Dunkin’ offers less variety in its specialty lattes than Starbucks, Dunkin’ offers the same quality, if not higher. Customers are able to fully customize their drinks from the blend of coffee, to the milk option used, to the flavoring and sugar added in. Starbucks, however, relies on its preset drinks, forcing customers to have to request for changes in the original recipes when ordering. Not having to edit a pre-existing order at Dunkin’ saves customers the hassle of explaining what they want in their drinks.

Buying coffee at Dunkin’ is far cheaper than a coffee from Starbucks is, and customers at Dunkin’ get a better value than Starbucks customers. In a medium drink at Dunkin’, customers receive 24 oz of coffee and pay $2.49, while at Starbucks, a grande drink has 16 fl oz and costs $2.45. Even the large drinks at Dunkin’, which hold 32 oz of coffee, cost $2.69. Venti drinks, the largest size offered at Starbucks, holds 20 oz and costs $3.35. The price differences alone should sway avid caffeine addicts to switch to Dunkin’.

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Dunkin’ Donuts customers can take advantage of numerous options for discounted drinks and food items. For example, during football season, if the Dallas Cowboys win their game, Dunkin’ offers free medium iced coffees the next day. Additionally, from 2 to 6 p.m., customers can purchase medium espresso drinks (lattes, cappuccinos or americanos) for $2, rather than for $3.39. For food, Dunkin’ currently offers 10 Munchkins for $2, almost half off the regular price.

Overall, Dunkin’ Donuts is the superior coffee chain because it gives customers amazing coffee for a bargain price point. The affordable, yet delicious, food and drinks offered shine over its competition. Combined with the consistently speedy service time, especially when compared to Starbucks’ lackluster drive-thru times, Dunkin’ is impossible to beat. After all, America does run on Dunkin’.