Review: ‘Life After Death with Tyler Henry’ depicts the secrets of the unknown, unseen

World-renowned medium back with another alluring series


Courtesy of Netflix.

Netflix released its new mind-altering series “Life After Death with Tyler Henry” (2022) which is about a young American clairvoyant medium who’s previously known from the popular hit series “Hollywood Medium” (2016) he starred in at 19 years old on E! network. In “Life After Death,” Tyler Henry travels across the United States to provide a sense of peace and closure to those he has selectively chosen from his waiting list with over 300,000 people. Henry is not only helping change the lives of strangers in the show, but also investigating his own family’s past with the help of his boyfriend Clint Goodwin after a shocking Ancestory DNA test proves his mother, Theresa Koelewyn, is not the biological daughter of murderer, Stella Nestle.

At the age of 10 years old in his hometown Hanford, California, Henry began to notice his freaky clairvoyant abilities which caused him difficulty in trying to regulate these intense senses. One morning he had this “knowledge” that his grandmother was going to die and while explaining to his mother about how he felt, the phone rang with the news that his grandmother had passed, only later down the road did he find out that was a premonition. 

From the ages 16 to 18, he began to have more control over his ability and in doing so he started these readings almost every day for people around the city making him the talk of the town. Shortly after he receives requests from Southern California where celebrities like the Kardashians are asking for these bewildering readings, talk shows are wanting to interview him, and Henry started earning more and more recognition because of his impressive abilities.

Henry is able to connect to the other side with his notepad, scribbling down different patterns with a pen in hand and sometimes an object in the other. On the car ride over to a reading the viewer will find Henry trying to gather any impressions that may come through with either his mother who always seems to forget he’s concentrating driving or his assistant Heather who has an occasional short-handed response for Henry when he may sense a male figure coming through, a lot of feminine energy around him, or other symbology. It would send chills down the spine of any paranormal geek. This series has been surreal to watch and understand how even though loved ones have passed, they are still for all of the milestones that await.       

Beware there are some mature scenes and tragically detailed stories throughout the series following drowning, murder, overdose, ect. It’s recommended to watch with an adult if some of these topics are sensitive subjects to listen to. In the show he has made it clear he doesn’t see dead people walking around, but instead he sees impressions and references which he has learnt over the years that help him implement a message in his readings. 

However when his emotions get in the way of his readings, like when this gay man lost his partner to a horrific death, Henry’s connection starts to fade, making him have to reschedule another reading sometime in the future.  

On the medium’s hunt for the answers on what happened in order for his mother to get in the hands of a criminal, biased opinions leave his abilities in the dark making a frustrated Henry unable to read his own family’s secrets. With Henry’s gift, he wouldn’t be able to use it in order to find out what really happened to his mother and it made you wonder why he wasn’t asking for others help a lot sooner?

Henry’s gift along with his career comes with the price of mental and physical exhaustion. In 2020, Henry’s lung collapsed on stage sending him into the hospital for months at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and while Henry states he knows this ability has “worn him down” over time, his partner isn’t sure that starting a new 50-city tour is the safest call. In the show you can tell the readings took a toll on him as the Netflix series progressed, but in the last episode Henry says that “Standing on stage is a risk to my life! But I have to do it.”

Overall, the series is a must watch for those interested in an emotional rollercoaster and fascinating psychic powers. This series is a solid 8/10 because while there is a superstition surrounding the paranormal, the show is more than just communicating with the dead; it’s showcasing the gift this man, Tyler Henry, is able to give people whether it is justice, closure and/or peace.