Review: ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ dishonors fantasy genre

Major time investment pays off for ending


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Despite viewers having to sit through at least an hour of senseless plot to receive an ounce of adventurous scenes, the last part of “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” leaves fans satisfied after the build up of the plot comes together for the finale. The film leaves much to be desired in the neglected fantasy genre, however, for many fans it fills the void for a blockbuster fantasy movie. 

There’s definitely room for improvement within the writing, as the movie is filled with talented A-list actors. Their performances carry the movie. From the side characters to the antagonist to protagonist, the cast creates immersion and depth. 

The cinematography of DnD creates drama and a sense of wonder with the beauty of the fantasy world’s scenery. The perfectly choreographed fights hit home with their immersive portrayal of medieval combat. 

In DnD, actors shaped the way the movie played out through precise talent and dedication toward their roles. Hugh Grant‘s character, Forge Fitzwilliam, is a devise antagonist; he surprises the audience and characters with his betrayal. He perfectly displays himself as a self righteous fat cat who lost touch with his former way of life.

Chris Pine’s character, Edgin Darvis, has an underwhelming tragic backstory with an arc that leaves a dull feeling about the character’s backstory. Although the character is mismanaged by the writers, Chris Pine turns the character around completely and saves him with his charisma. His talent in acting makes the lead character seem likable and justified in his actions.  

This differing method of character development leads to Holga being a more dynamic character then Edgin due to Holga changing throughout the movie and Edgin changing through flashbacks. Michelle Rodriguez plays her character Holga in an amazing way and does a good job at supporting the plot and slowly building her character throughout the movie in stark contrast to Edgin.

Chloe Coleman’s dynamic performance of Kira convincingly displays the emotions of her character as she feels conflicted.

Throughout the film, fans see a gleeful band of formal thieves get back together for one last heist, but has a twist on the trope with a fantasy theme reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean. Although it has its issues and “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” has its problems in the writing room, the writers bring the whole story together, and the actors manage to perfectly perform by the talented cast. The movie is immersive and leaves fans entertained with a dynamic story DnD fans will enjoy, therefore, the movie deserves a 6 out of 10.