When it counts

Soccer and baseball practice for upcoming seasons


Soccer and baseball are currently preparing for their upcoming seasons. Here’s a look at two of the captains.

Senior baseball captain Brennon Shultz:

Q: What is your favorite aspect of baseball?

A: “My favorite aspect is probably that it’s all year round. We don’t ever stop. We’re always playing fall ball, spring ball and summer ball, so we’re always working, throwing, hitting and going to the weight room all the time.”

Q: How do you and your team get hype for a game?

A: “I mean you can’t really get hype for baseball very much but I guess it’s more of yourself … [you] kinda prepare yourself mentally for the game.”

Q: What kind of impact do you have on your team?

A: “Well I’m one of the captains of the team so I try to be the leader and show everybody else what to do, and lead them individually as a team on and off the field.”

Q: How do you motivate your team to do better?

A: “It’s all about playoffs. We always try to make playoffs. That’s our goal, so we keep that in mind.”


Senior soccer captain Hannah Campbell:

Q: What motivates you to keep striving when times get intense during soccer?

A: “What keeps me striving is the ultimate goal with the team and playing for the team. When you stop thinking about your own pain and you start thinking about giving more to your team, it definitely makes it a lot easier to keep striving and it makes it a lot more worth it.”

Q: What are your favorite aspects of this sport?

A: “I like the beginning of the game when our team lines up and we get called one by one by our numbers and our names, and it’s the adrenaline rush that comes before it, with the lights, and it’s dark. I like when we play together and it just flows, and you pass … it’s just perfect combinations, and you encourage one another and you just put forth that effort, and sweat and work hard. It’s that feeling after the game when you know that you put in all on the field.”

Q: What kind of impact do you have on your team?

A: “Well my nickname tends to be the ‘cheerleader.’ I am definitely the encourager of the team. I give constructive criticism but I always follow up with a compliment.”

Q: What gets you hype for a game?

A: “I would say the team bonding that goes before it, then on the bus ride when we’re singing Fergalicious. And the warm up and the warm up songs … just getting each other pumped together as a team and encouraging each other ‘Yeah this is going to be our game, we’re gonna win.’”

Q: How do you motivate your team to do better?

A: “Well since I am the motivator, I would just definitely say that if you make a mistake, that everyone makes a mistake so you just have brush it off and think ‘Yes, I’m going to improve. I made that mistake but next time I’m not. I’m gonna win that ball. I’m not going to lose it. I know exactly where I’m going to pass. I know exactly where I’m going to go, and this time I’m going to score.’”