Senior Goodbye: It’s time to say goodbye

‘Here’s to my newspaper people. In general, thank you to all of you. I have enjoyed every moment, every trip and UIL practices with each of you.’


Courtesy of Elizabeth Delaire

“Although I know I’ll miss this, writing to you. Sharing stories and experiences to those who actually listen to what I had to say.”

Three years.

I didn’t expect to be washing my hands away with high school in three years, but here we are. Despite my previous column stating how much of a distaste I had for school, I think I’ll miss a lot of my experiences I had over the past year.

Although I know I’ll miss this; writing to you. Sharing stories and experiences to those who actually listen to what I had to say. You, reader, kept me motivated to write these stories. Even if it was for a grade.

I’ve gotten used to saying goodbye. Mostly with previous friends who don’t want to be associated with me, or we quite simply don’t fit together anymore. It’s different here now, saying goodbye to an experience that has brought copious amounts of joy from the moment I stepped into the newspaper room. 

Here’s to my newspaper people. In general, thank you to all of you. I have enjoyed every moment, every trip and UIL practices with each of you.

To AJ: Thank you for believing in me! Your whimsical advice over all things newspaper, and your contagious laughter and bright smiles. Your motivation during UIL over our copyediting competition created confidence in me, and you reassured me I was doing my best. You helped me improve my writing skills from the moment you vigorously edited my first story. I love you, AJ! I will miss seeing you every day, but promise we’ll hang out post-graduation.

To Jade: You are absolutely amazing, and one of the funniest people I know. With your hilarious southern accent saying the most odd and out-of-the-blue things, you made newspaper fun. Co-writing the editorial was definitely an adventure. I enjoyed our trip to the mall with AJ, and going out to frozen yogurt was extremely memorable. Visiting you at Panera with my dad was also an experience for sure. Don’t be a stranger over the summer, Jade! I love you!

To Alexa: Lexa! I am so happy I’ve been able to get to work with you. You’ve been one of the kindest people I’ve gotten to know. You are so supportive and sweet. I love that we’ve been able to pull photo cards from albums and fangirl over TWICE together, both on Instagram and in person. I loved getting to talk to you when we went to Austin together, I wish we could do that again! I enjoyed each and every one of your stories this school year, especially your K-POP reviews and vital opinions on new albums. I love you so much, Alexa!

To Rae: You are definitely one of the coolest people I know. You’re always fired up and ready to defend any of the girls in a fight. Your snarky remarks toward James and your hilarious messages in the group chat always made me laugh. I enjoyed our discussions about our favorite K-POP boy groups, and I respect your love and fiery passion for ATEEZ. They’re a great group! I also find it funny how we had no clue until recently that we live on the same street as each other, just a few houses down. I hope we can hang out more over the summer, especially since we live so close. I will definitely miss seeing you in our third period every day! I love you!

To Taylor: Taylor! I know you and I don’t talk too much, but I appreciate you. While I don’t like Taylor Swift all that much, I understand your love for her and her music, and I really love your passion for her. I wish I could’ve attended the trip to San Antonio, that would’ve been so much fun. I think you’re brave for writing your most recent column, and congratulations on receiving a Best of SNO! 

To Daniel: Daniel, I think you’re hilariously sarcastic when it comes to all of us. Third period is definitely ruthless toward you, and you always provide the best remarks back. You’re one of the best Gemini’s I know and an amazing movie review writer. I had fun talking with you at UIL while we both waited for our competitions, and I’m proud that we competed, even though we didn’t place at district. I’ll also eventually visit your family restaurant, and we can pretend like we don’t know each other.

To James: James. Oh James. You are definitely the most interesting character I know. You’re weird (in a good way) and something different. You’re definitely the class gaslighter, but I think we all do a great job at keeping you and your gaslighting under control. Austin with you was for sure an experience, especially when you poured pure cane sugar onto your hand, fully believing it was hand sanitizer. Watching you draw a scene at the Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) of that poor lecturer was odd, and the way you had handed it to him. I hope you stay strange, if you don’t, I think that would be even weirder.

To Zain: You and I have known each other for a long time, but we got closer due to taking band in middle school. I always respected your dedication to your instrument and musicality, but I now respect your devotion to newspaper and competing at UIL. You’re one of our best headline writers, and I hope you do well at state this year. I wish you good luck for the rest of your time on staff!

To Ruben: Hi! We don’t talk all the time, but I enjoy our conversations during block lunch in Pinkham’s room. Your extreme dedication to all things sports is definitely interesting and a topic I will always associate with you. I hope you enjoyed all of our nicknames for you, and I hope you survive newspaper next year with Jade and AJ all on your own.

Thank you, reader. For reading these silly columns all year, and hearing about my personal struggles with your outside perspective. I wrote them not for myself, but in hopes you’d find someone to relate to, so you could feel a little less alone in this big, uncaring world. Thank you for reading my news stories about what’s going on with our campus, and for reading through my reviews on things that kept me going throughout the past school year. I hope I will see you again soon.