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‘Tis the season for deals

Tips on getting the best out of Black Friday
Adolfo Martinez

The aroma of freshly scented pine needles fills the atmosphere as you swiftly pass through the Christmas trees, searching around the store for your deepest desires like a hawk hunting down its prey. The bright red arrows whisper close to your ear, “The deals are this way.” Lastly, of course, the annual trampling of employees as excited shoppers rush to get the best products at amazingly low prices, it’s all part of the American tradition of Black Friday. 

The bells ring with clarity announcing the opening of the stores as the doors open at 5 a.m.;people who have been camping for hours rise with excitement to be the first ones inside. However, some shoppers don’t get this excitement during this tradition, and they actually miss out on grand opportunities. Whether this is your first time Black Friday shopping or your fifth year and you still need advice, know there’s still hope. Here are some tips on getting the best out of the holiday.

Tip #1: Budgeting

First off, the key to a successful shopping experience is sticking to a budget. There are  going to be numerous temptations trying to get you to buy everything, but you must keep your mind strong. 

Never think about spending all of the money in your wallet because doing so will prevent you from having opportunities at other stores. So, a good idea is to save up enough money and plan on what you want to buy. 

A way to do this is by going online to the store you’re planning to shop and see the deals they have on the items you want. Therefore, you can calculate how much money you might need to plan a good saving.  

Tip #2: Online experience

The next piece of advice is to download as many apps as possible for the stores you want to go to. Stores have deals exclusive to people who have downloaded their applications. 

Sometimes, corporations offer more if you join their reward programs which will offer more benefits than the standard app, but at the end of the day both procedures are beneficial. Apps will have early Black Friday deals listed on various items not normally known in stores until the day of. 

Not to mention, apps will have coupons you can present to the cashiers at the stores. With this new age of technological advancements, it’s easier to shop for items and get them without the hassle of getting into a catfight on the day. 

Tip #3: Prepping for the day

Last but not least, prepare for the most adventurous shopping experience. If you want to get the best experience, make sure to check what time the store opens, so you can get there as early as possible. 

Most deals will be gone by the afternoon, so it’s vital to go when the doors open to make the best of it. Get lots of rest the nights leading up to the day, so you can wake up extra early. 

Lastly, with these tips, you can guarantee yourself a successful Black Friday and enjoy going to whichever stores you want, because the world is going to be your oyster on this day. 

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