2020 prom theme revealed

Junior class chooses Enchanted Forest


Alexandra Canizales

The 2020 prom theme of Enchanted Forest is displayed on Tuesday, Jan. 14 during A-block lunch.

The Student Council junior class revealed this year’s prom theme on Tuesday, Jan. 14 during lunch. The reveal was highly anticipated by students due to rumors of the theme being emoji’s after a prank by the junior class.

“So the senior officers were asking the junior officers, ‘What’s the theme?’” junior vice president chair Monserrath Garcia said. “So we just told them it was emoji-themed so they could stop asking us. Eventually it got out that it was emoji-themed.”

However, the junior class unveiled the true theme to be ‘Enchanted Forest’ on the cafeteria stage to awaiting students. The junior class decides on possible themes and plans for the event.

“It took us about four weeks [to decide on a theme] because we have junior class meetings every two weeks,” Garcia said. “We wrote on a piece of paper and brought it down to four choices and [Enchanted Forest] is what we chose.”

Prom being an important senior event and marking an end to their last year of high school made the reveal exciting.

“I do like the theme, it’s cute,” senior Maritoni Songco said. “I like the theme because it’s different than others and it’s kind of more fantasy, mystical and magical and it’s really cute.”

Like students, staff members who are involved in the creation of prom are excited to see the outcome. This year’s prom will be held on Saturday, April 18 at the DFW Hyatt Regency. Tickets go on sale starting Monday, March 23.

“We build up [from] nothing,” StuCo adviser Dan Moser said. “We get together, we put our ideas together and we make an empty ballroom look very, very nice.”