‘Rabbit Hole’ prompts achievement

Theater advances to bi-district in UIL


Theater members display their awards after advancing to bi-district on Friday, March 22. Courtesy of Lewisville Theatre.

Theater advanced to bi-district with its one-act play (OAP), “Rabbit Hole,” on Friday, March 22, directly after the advancement to district on Wednesday, March 20. Scratching the surface of their talent, the cast and crew believe the success they’ve obtained so far was predicted. They have been working closely with the directors for weeks of remembering cues and reading scripts.

“I really enjoy the people in our cast and crew,” senior tech crew member James Eckroth said. “I enjoy spending time with [the fellow students] during break.”

While preparing for UIL, trying to find the right play was a significant setback. Bouncing between one idea to another caused a size down in the number of cast members. The directors eventually found one that would work, just a slim three weeks before contests started; they believed the Pulitzer Prize-winning OAP “Rabbit Hole” would tug at the hearts of everyone in the audience.

“[It’s about] a couple [who] lost their 5-year-old child in a car accident,” senior tech crew member Claire Fowler said. “It’s the story eight months after that and how the family deals with the pain.”

The desire needed to keep the students afloat is deep-rooted in their love for theatrical arts, in both the acting and technical aspect. Juggling two to three other classes along with possible work outside of school, they continue with smooth run-throughs and keeping smiles on their faces.

“The judges recognized [I] persevered,” Eckroth said. “[I] didn’t just sit there and quit. It was a very gratifying feeling [receiving best technician] after being stressed for an hour.”

Missing several days of school and sacrificing weekends and vacation days, the theater students and directors put their all into what they love. Their next UIL competition will be for bi-district on Thursday, March 28 at Timber Creek High School.

“The best thing [is] being able to perform,” junior cast member Jimmy Piraino said. “[Going] to contests with other schools and [meeting] other people, it’s not really a competition, it’s more like a celebration of art.”