Collecting quotes

Yearbook staff to start new tradition


Valerie Benzinger

The yearbook staff started a new tradition of collecting senior quotes this year.

The yearbook staff has started a new tradition this year of including senior quotes in the book; they collected them through Friday, April 5. The inspiration for this idea came from searching for an interesting spread to fill extra pages in the book.

“I was looking through a book; I think it was [from] Legacy High School,” yearbook co-editor-in-chief senior Sandy Cartagena said. “Instead of doing the senior quotes under the pictures, it’s just a page with quotes on it. We decided to do it like that because there’s so many seniors, we couldn’t fit senior quotes under their pictures so it’s easier just to do it on one page.”

Any senior could submit a quote through a Google form as long as it was appropriate. The yearbook editors have to check each individual quote for hidden messages and double meanings, which can be a tedious process.

“I think it’s going to be difficult to go through all of them and make sure they’re school appropriate and not trying to hide something,” yearbook co-editor-in-chief senior Sarah Howdeshell said.

Senior Camille Mims submitted the quote “We’re here for a good time, not a long time.” She believes her quote encourages living life to the fullest. Mims is also excited to have the chance to see her quote featured in the yearbook.

“I don’t think seniors have ever had quotes in the yearbook, so I think it’s cool they did it for 2019,” Mims said.

The staff plans to make the spread pleasing to look at while reflecting the personality of the student body. The spreads will include graphic design elements as well as the quotes themselves.

“It’s going to be a bunch of colored boxes, with the funnier, more interesting quotes bigger and the other quotes smaller,” Cartagena said.