Feeding the community

World language department hopes to help families


Marissa Redding

The world language department collects canned food and non-perishable items for its kindness week.

The world language department hopes to make an impact on the community by helping those in need. Non-perishable food donations will be collected for the Friends of the Family Thanksgiving meal drive in rooms G208 and G210 until Monday, Oct. 1.  

“I hope to accomplish the involvement of the student body in the drive,” junior Chloe Luxenberg said. “I want the students to be a part of my act of kindness, so that together we can make a difference.”

After hearing about LISD BE KIND and the overall kindness theme for the school year, Luxenberg suggested the idea to French teacher Alice French.

“The LHS kindness program was started to help spread love and wellness within the student body, but I decided to take it a step further,” Luxenberg said. “I wanted to spread kindness to our community and with Thanksgiving coming, I knew there had to be families out there that needed food for the holiday.”

Friends of the Family is a women’s shelter and relationship violence support group. Although this is the first year that the school will be donating to a women’s shelter, French club has high hopes for the end result.

“There are roughly 2,000 kids enrolled at LHS Main,” Luxenberg said. “If each student brought just one item from the list we could feed 86 families in need.”

French club president Esmeralda Delgado believes people often underestimate the impact students can have in their neighborhoods.

“We’re not just students, we’re more than that,” Delgado said. “The things we do outside of school can change or have an effect on the culture and atmosphere of the community.”

French is proud of her students for taking it upon themselves to perform an act of kindness. After being in contact with the Friends of the Family representative, she learned the school alone could provide food for almost one-third of families the shelter hopes to feed.

“If the drive is successful, I want to carry it for as long as possible,” French said.