2019 prom theme announced

Junior class announces this year’s theme: Vintage Hollywood


Alexandra Canizales

The 2019 prom theme is displayed on Tuesday, Jan. 8 during A-block lunch.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated high school events is approaching and with that comes the announcement of its theme. The junior class council revealed the winning prom theme on Tuesday, Jan. 8 during A-block lunch. The theme Vintage Hollywood was displayed on the stage in the cafeteria.

The junior class chooses the top themes for prom and votes on their favorite out of themes such as Vintage Hollywood, Paris, Masquerade and Fairy Tale. The junior class decorates prom instead of the senior class, since prom is the last big high school event for seniors.

“Seniors know nothing about [the prom themes] so they don’t get a sneak peek since it’s the junior class that is making it happen,” junior class vice president Briana Banuelos said. “We try to vote [on prom themes] before Thanksgiving and reveal the prom theme in January so the seniors can be excited about something when they come back from [winter] break.”

Being the class in charge of putting together the event for their fellow students, the juniors start preparing for prom early in the year to ensure the best possible theme is chosen.

“It’s a lot of work for the students [involved] but going to the prom that evening and seeing how elegant everything is, it’s great,” junior class adviser Shan Naragon said.

The theme of this year’s prom is significantly different than the last prom, Rustic Romance. Students are still excited to see what the outcome of the venue will look like after the decorations are complete. Rustic Romance carried a country feel displaying flowers, while this year’s theme will bring more of glitz and glamour in the decorations. Prom will take place on Saturday, April 13 at the DFW Hyatt Regency.

“I’m most excited to see the decorations; I can’t imagine it,” senior Johana Rodriguez said. “I went last year and I really hope it’s much different. [Last years theme] had softer colors like pink [and] gold but now its black, white [and] extravagant dresses.”