Column: Searching for new opportunities

‘It takes time to get used to a place I once hated, but all it takes is finding your place to make it through the hardships.’

Packing and unpacking boxes seems to be one of the most notable memories I have from my childhood. At a young age, it sounded fun to move from house to house.

However, as you get older, this starts to affect you. 

Leaving friends behind is a heart-wrenching experience because I expected to grow up and graduate with them, and as soon as I left them behind I knew there was no turning back. Back then, I had no way of communicating with them, only at school, and now that I do, it’s too late. 

Moving from Massachusetts to Texas has made me not want to be as open or as social as I used to be. I have this nagging fear of connecting with certain friends only for me to end up unwillingly leaving them behind.

There’s always new opportunities in different homes which was one of the main reasons why I moved back to the United States from Mexico. After living there for five years, my parents decided to move so my siblings and I could have the chance for better education and a better future, something my parents always knew we weren’t going to receive in Mexico. I still can’t find the reason why my family decided to move to Mexico in the first place. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and could’ve had a good start there, but things don’t go the way life wants them to be.

I didn’t mind where I used to live and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m glad I got to meet the people there. The only thing I regret is not having enough time to connect with them, as it took me time to get to know them.

Moving to new homes made it complicated for me to feel comfortable and get used to the locations I was surrounded by. The thought of moving from one place I was finally getting used to made me sad at the time that I was leaving friends and family behind out of thin air.

I got attached to where I stayed in Massachusetts for five years and didn’t expect anything in Texas or, at least, not that I was gonna stay there forever. 

When settling in, I hated Lewisville because it didn’t feel like home and I didn’t have interest in learning anything about it. It felt like a home we moved into because we had no choice. 

Eighth grade was the worst school year I had as I didn’t know anyone and continued to struggle to open up. It definitely took me time until I was comfortable at the school and the people around me. As horrible as it was, that year came with its benefits.

I was able to find people I clicked with. People that let me be part of their group and share the same interests as me. 

By the time freshman year came around and my bond with them began to grow, Lewisville had a special place in my heart.

My feelings toward this city changed once I realized this was going to be the place I wanted to live in for a long time and go to college in. My family was safe and even opened their own restaurant. I was lucky enough to meet new people here, which I’m fortunate to call friends.

I’ve come to terms with not letting others get on hold of my emotions and actions. The place I have been calling home for a while has now influenced me by helping me grow and become a better person. This school has pushed me to develop a plan for what I want in the future and to go forward with my expectations. 

My plans for the future here definitely grew over time and I felt safe starting off my new path. 

I didn’t want my future to be determined on what others want me to do and instead continue to decide for myself what I felt would be best. 

It takes time to get used to a place I once hated, but all it takes is finding your place to make it through the hardships and meet the right people who will lead you on the easiest path you belong in.

Almost five years here and I’ve become more open to the idea of new possibilities.