Review: ‘Color Theory’ plays with fans’ emotions

Indie artist Soccer Mommy releases new album

Courtesy of Loma Vista Recordings.

Courtesy of Loma Vista Recordings.

Singer-songwriter Sophie Allison kick-started her indie project Soccer Mommy in her bedroom in Tennessee, never expecting a large fan base. Soon after her debut album “Clean,” Soccer Mommy quickly began to gain recognition. Two years later, on Friday, Feb. 28, her second studio album “Color Theory” does not disappoint fans and adds an interesting twist to the album. 

Complete with 10 tracks, the album is divided into three sections, each one associated with a color and a corresponding mood. The designated colors are blue, yellow and gray, each presenting elements of depression, mental and physical illness and loss. The heavy topics of the songs leave no room for fillers and the lyrics leave a lasting impact.

Connecting with her fans’ emotions is a priority for Allison. This is especially noticeable in tracks like “royal screw up” and “circle the drain,” which are also the best works of the album. Both dive into the topic of depression and how difficult it is to escape it. Although the songs have similar meanings, their individual characteristics set them apart. “Royal screw up” is softer, maintaining the same beat and tone the entire song, while “circle the drain” leans toward indie-pop.

Another indie-pop song, “crawling in my skin,” provides a euphoric sound, allowing fans to have a break from the somber music. It gives off sad summer vibes, perfect for listening to at full volume with the windows down while wallowing in self-pity. The lack of correlation between the depressing lyrics and the background music gives the track a sense of uniqueness.

Released prior to the rest of the album, “yellow is the color of her eyes,” lasts a total of seven minutes and 15 seconds. Despite the song being longer than other tracks, every lyric has a purpose. Focusing on her mother’s battle with cancer, Allison uses imagery to describe the change her mother’s eyes went through. 

Closing out the album, “gray light” is soft and quiet compared to other tracks. Connecting to “yellow is the color of her eyes,” the song is about seeing a loved one suffer. Allison shares her mother’s story with lyrics like “I can’t lose it, I’m watching my mother drown,” which finishes the album with a strong emotional impact. 

Maintaining a persistent mood throughout the entire album, “Colory Theory” earns 5 out of 5 stars. Compared to her previous album “Clean,” “Color Theory” sounds polished and demonstrates how much her music has matured. It’s a true indie album, fully equipped with warped guitar, soft singing and emotional lyrics. “Color Theory” has it all and left no room for error.