Review: Global K-pop girl group releases newest album ‘Born Pink’

BLACKPINK shut downs the haters


Courtesy of YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK came back with their newest album, “Born Pink,” on Sept. 16 after taking a break for nearly two years. With the pre-release song “Pink Venom” breaking records, BLINKS (BLACKPINK fans) were excited to hear more. BLACKPINK said this album showed a new side of them, and they weren’t joking. 

The members Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé and Jennie didn’t disappoint with the title track song “Shut Down.” Starting off with a classical instrumental and the beat dropping with the girls singing a classic line, “BLACKPINK in your area,” fans knew they didn’t come to play. Each member had a scene with a reference from their older music videos, giving older fans a feeling of nostalgia. Some fans have theories about this album being their last, but nothing is confirmed. 

The lyrics call out the haters who said BLACKPINK taking a break would ruin their careers. BLACKPINK didn’t let that happen and instead they made a catchy song about their success. A huge surprise was when Jisoo starts rapping during her first verse on “Shut Down” as she doesn’t ever rap, yet Jisoo’s rapping skills are great and showed she can do anything. Lisa and Jennie were back with their raps that left fans in shock of how good they sound. Rosé had a small rap as well, and she did amazing with what she had. With “Pink Venom,” BLINKS and other K-pop fans were split between the song being good or bad, but “Shut Down” didn’t have the same dilemma. 

The seventh song on the album is “Tally.” While there isn’t anything too wild about the vocals or raps, the lyrics stand out. The lyrics are more about not caring what others think and they would do whatever they want. With their pretty voices and lyrics showing BLACKPINK success, this makes this song a good listen. The third song “Typa Girl” is another upbeat song, and the lyrics talk about how powerful BLACKPINK is. BLINKS are a huge fan of this one, making edits with them and showing how outstanding they are. Not only is the BLACKPINK fandom making the edits, but any famous women with fandoms are getting edits made of them with this song. Lisa’s rap is receiving praise because of how powerful it is. 

Jisoo and Rosé have writing credits for the fourth song “Yeah Yeah Yeah.” This song is cheerful and the only English lyrics are “just say yeah, yeah,yeah,” but BLACKPINK vocals are stunning. “Hard To Love” is the fifth song and BLINKS didn’t expect it to be a Rosé solo. Rosé already had a solo album back in 2021, but this song has a different beat. It’s another song with sad lyrics, but it has a happier beat, and Rosé’s vocals shine bright. 

The sixth song is called “The Happiest Girl.” It’s the saddest song BLACKPINK has released so far, leaving BLINKS crying. Lisa normally raps, but she leaves fans in awe with her singing. Her deep voice made her parts sound beautiful. Another member fans can’t stop praising is Jisoo. Jisoo caught the attention of many with her vocals and sounded like an angel. Each member sounded heavenly with their own parts. Pre-release single “Pink Venom” is the first song on the album. Another song BLINKS had heard already is “Ready for Love,” a beautiful song that came out in the summer of 2022. 

BLACKPINK’s comeback has been successful even with a two-year break. The girls will be on their World Tour beginning on Oct.15 in Seoul, South Korea. 

The entire album didn’t disappoint fans. It was worth waiting nearly two years for the girls, and BLINKS are pleased with the album. Even though fans wish there were more songs, with the songs they had, BLACKPINK showed why they are titled the biggest K-pop girl group. “Born Pink” deserves 5 out 5 stars for their beautiful vocals and visuals.