Review: STAYC releases new mini album

“Teddy Bear” leaves fans cheerful


Courtesy of High Up Entertainment.

STAYC released their newest mini album, “Teddy Bear,” on Feb. 14. The girl group formed by High Up Entertainment consists of members Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon and J. STAYC has only been a group since 2020, but they are definitely a group K-pop fans should give more attention to. 

The mini album “Teddy Bear” only has two songs and fans were disappointed with the length. STAYC has a discography with no skips, and fans only wish for a full album from them.

The first song is called “Teddy Bear,” and it immediately sounds like a typical STAYC song. STAYC creates upbeat and fun songs, something not many K-pop groups are doing right now. As of recently, STAYC has been getting a huge wave of negative comments, but every K-pop girl group goes through it. Even with the negativity, STAYC was still able to make “Teddy Bear” a major hit around social media.

At first “Teddy Bear” didn’t stand out when STAYC had better songs, but with every listen the song rapidly became favorable. Isa shows fans during the pre-chorus why she is the lead vocalist. All members have their own was of singing that makes “Teddy Bear” a worthy song. While the chorus is just them singing the lyrics “Teddy Bear,” STAYC found a way to make it catchy. 

The favorite part K-pop fans are talking non-stop about is Sieun and J’s rap. J is a rapper who stands out in the fourth generation; she has a unique way of rapping that makes STAYC special with their songs. In “Teddy Bear,” Sieun sounds mature but charming which fans enjoyed from her. J’s part shocked fans with the way she has lots of auto tune, but she sounds like a cool robot. 

The next song on the mini album is “Poppy” (Korean version) and fans were surprised to see it on the track list since the Japanese version of  “Poppy” was released a couple months prior for their Japanese debut. Something cool STAYC did with “Poppy” was create a double meaning with the lyrics by referring to “puppy love.”

“Poppy” is a song fans can hype themselves up to. The adorable dance during the chorus, which is holding up hands to make dog ears and flop them around is extremely addictive. STAYC did not hold back with their vocals. Yoon, who has one of the best vocals in the group, has a truly angelic high note near the end. The chorus, just like “Teddy Bear,” is short with the repetitive “Poppy” lyrics but STAYC was able to show off their vocals. 

The mini album “Teddy Bear” may not be the best written or have much thought but music should be exciting. STAYC makes music that is good to listen to and fans can dance around.“Teddy Bear” may not be better than their other comebacks, but it still gives listeners much happiness, deserving 4 stars out of 5.