Rediscovering the past

Previous yearbooks are on sale in room G213


Clarise Tujardon

The yearbook staff is hosting a Fire Sale on old yearbooks through Tuesday, Oct. 1.

The yearbook staff is currently having a limited time Fire Sale in which they are selling yearbooks from previous years. Students and staff can purchase them in room G213 for $25 via cash or check until Tuesday, Oct. 1.

“The books are memories for years to come,” yearbook staff member sophomore Jadyn Wells said. “When people buy a yearbook, it’s something they can always look back on because they’re not always going to remember everything in their school year, but once they open the book, they’re like ‘Oh yeah, I remember this.’”

Since starting her career as a yearbook adviser, Kira Manley has witnessed piles of old yearbooks being stacked on the window sill of her room due to a lack of storage space. Right now the yearbooks from 1996 and 1997 are the most requested among previous yearbooks.

“We only [had] one of each [yearbook from 1996 and 1997] to sell,” Manley said. “We’ve put a message out on Facebook to alumni and for some reason, there are just a lot of people that want that book. I’m thinking that what happened was maybe there weren’t any extra yearbooks for sale that year.”

According to yearbook editor-in-chief junior Evelyn Alderete, the Fire Sale is a great investment because of the limited time offer.

“[Yearbooks are] usually $90,” Alderete said. “It’s really helpful for people to get the yearbooks right now when they’re $25. And it’s the lowest price for any yearbook right now.”