Walking the red carpet

Prom alternative to be hosted April 17


Aiden Gonzalez

Seniors Erin Bonehill and Kayla Miller create sashes for senior superlatives to wear to prom-VID.

Despite COVID canceling school-related events, students created prom-VID, an alternate to prom. Assistant student activities director Bernette Lindamood wanted to organize something special for the seniors to give them the same prom-like experience.

Similar to the Met Gala, students will walk the red carpet like celebrities and there will be photo opportunities throughout the school on Saturday, April 17. In accordance with social distancing regulations, no dancing will be allowed and students will be required to wear masks during the course of the walk-through. 

“It’s terrible,” Lindamood said. “It makes me sad for my seniors that they don’t get to experience the real thing. They don’t get to do all the things they planned to do for 12 years. But I also understand safety is an important factor and safety is always the number one priority. I don’t want them to be ill in the future.”

To comply with guidelines, only seniors are eligible to attend, but as per usual, junior class officers organize the event. Junior class president Keira Conner assured everyone will still follow COVID procedures.

“We have scheduled tickets so there won’t be too many seniors in one place at a time,” Conner said. “Any areas that are being touched a lot will definitely be sanitized heavily throughout the event. Masks will still be required and we will encourage students to use hand sanitizer.”

Senior Jose Rodriguez, who anticipated not having a senior prom, said it was no surprise prom was not to be present. However, he quickly had a change of mind when he heard there was a replacement for prom.

“I honestly thought we weren’t going to get anything,” Rodriguez said. “COVID ruined almost all the fun this year, but StuCo made something work and something is always better than nothing.” 

Prom-VID is designed to create a similar experience as a regular prom, as students will still be able to vote for a prom king and queen. Hopeful to make the best of the situation, Rodriguez is grateful to have a fun time through hardships. 

“One thing I’m looking forward to is having fun,” Rodriguez said. “Especially in times like these, we need some type of distraction. We haven’t had any major school events the past year [because of COVID], so we should be thankful [students came] up with this idea.”