Serving with honor

Five new NHS officers take on responsibilities for next year


Alexa Hernandez

New senior NHS officers AJ Jackson, Kimble Gould, Kiya Yohannes and Suchi Naidu applaud president Brianna Sibouneuang at the NHS banquet.

The new senior National Honor Society officers were announced on May 10 during their meeting in the lecture hall during B block. Those who ran for an officer position campaigned and gave a short speech during the election meeting. Members voted on a google form for the best officer. 

The new officers include president Brianna Sibounheuang, vice president Suchi Naidu, secretary Kiya Yohannes, parliamentarian Kimble Gould and historian AJ Jackson. 

“I’m pretty proud of my speech,” Naidu said. “One thing that made me stand out from other candidates was I made a website. I had a QR code where people could scan. I think that’s what lots of people liked about my campaign; I gave something they could look at even when other people are talking.” 

In NHS, the officers must take responsibility and lead the new set of students entering NHS. 

“It’s a good opportunity to step up and take the leadership role and help represent our school,” Sibounheuang said. “Being in NHS helps me be around the same kind of people who value leadership. It’s something you want to be a part of and take a bigger role in.” 

For the upcoming year, officers are coming up with new ideas to help grow NHS.

“I want to implement other pillars of NHS,” Sibounheuang said. “I know we focus more on service and hours, but I think it will be cool to implement a character of the month award to kind of highlight that pillar. I think service is important but being a good person is a big service in itself.”

Not only are there new officers, but there’s a new sponsor as well. Former sponsor Ashley Elms won’t return for the next year, but AP English 3 teacher Blake Hollowell will take her place.

With my background as president of an education nonprofit and sponsor of Interact Club, I hope I can help to offer more service opportunities for NHS members,” Hollowell said. “NHS is already running like a fine-tuned machine, but I’m excited to help fuel the members’ appetite for achievement and service.”