Farmer Focus: Sophomore La’Mya Wyrick

‘Being a model, you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself because you get torn down a lot by people in the industry. I had to think about that and [learn] how to build up confidence.’


Lizeth Godinez

“Always be confident in yourself and what you can accomplish.”

This month’s Famer Focus is on sophomore La’Mya Wyrick who aspires to be a model for Elite or LA Models.


Favorite movie: The Princess and the Frog

Dogs or cats: Dogs

Favorite artist: Kanye West

Winter or summer: Summer

Favorite food: Pop-Tarts


Q: When did you begin modeling? Who inspired you?

A: “[I began] when I was 11. I was really inspired by Zendaya and what she’s done.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about modeling?

A: “Being in front of the camera. [I] feel natural and at peace posing. It makes [me] feel good to be modeling. It’s great.”

Q: Is there anything you struggled with?

A: “In the beginning, self-confidence. Being a model, you have to have a lot of confidence in yourself because you get torn down a lot by people in the industry. I had to think about that and learn how to build up confidence. It was something I struggled with a lot.”

Q: Do you feel like modeling changed you? Why?

A: “Yes. It made me a confident person. I feel like it made me a better person and more aware of what I look like and how that doesn’t define me. I don’t know [if my friends noticed], but I think they do.”

Q: Is modeling just a hobby or something that will be a career in the future?

A: “I hope [modeling] is something I can do as a hobby but also have as a career. I would like to model for Elite or LA Models.”

Q: What have you done to prepare for modeling/events?

A: “I sleep a lot because sometimes events can run for a really long time without breaks, so I make sure I am really well rested. Also that I have contacted my friends before an event because I go without my phone [for a long time]. Like if I have an all-day event, I go without my phone for 14 to 16 hours and I don’t want anybody to be worried about me when I’m doing my job.”

Q: Have you participated in competitions or modeling events?

A: “I don’t compete but I do modeling events very often. I’ll travel and do shoots for magazines, or I’ll do runway shows where I model people’s products. I sometimes do commercial runways, it just depends. I did a show for PacSun and Charlotte Russe, which was really fun and I really liked it. They have been my favorite so far.”

Q: Do your parents support your modeling career? How?

A: “Very much so. My mom loves the fact that I model and she’s always trying to do it more, but school gets in the way. My friends love that I model, they all want to model too. I give them advice on that.”

Q: How did your friends react to you modeling? Do they support you?

A: “They’re very shocked because I don’t really talk about it, but when I post about it or post that I’m somewhere [modeling] they’ll all be shocked. I would assume [and] hope they support me. They haven’t come to my shows and I don’t think I’d want them to go.”

Q: What has been your favorite show that you’ve done so far? Why?

A: “A show I did in Atlanta was really fun because I made a new friend who I’m still friends with. I got to meet some new people. It was in July of 2018. I didn’t model much last year, but this year I have a lot. I’m [going to] be on the cover of a magazine in Atlanta and I’m traveling to Miami for a show. I’m going to Disney to model for [them].”

Q: What is the most important thing modeling has taught you?

A: “Looks aren’t everything and your height doesn’t matter as much as you think it does. [My advice for aspiring models is] it always works out in the end, you’re failure in the beginning doesn’t always define you as a model. Always be confident in yourself and what you can accomplish.”