They could feel it in their bones

Inside the lives of the of school’s rowdy crowd leaders


Rae Godwin

Boneheads Faith Johnke and Aishah Gamble celebrate the BOTA win with a hug.

What is a Bonehead? A common question that flows around the halls when the Rowdy Crowd comes together for football nights. Seniors Faith Johnke, Christian Nagel and Aishah Gamble give a better understanding of what exactly a Bonehead is. 

“A Bonehead is a student group where we are not afraid to be embarrassed,” Johnke said. “We go out in front of crowds, we act silly, but most of all we are supposed to be the most school spirited. We try to influence that throughout the entire school and crowd.”

How did Boneheads come to be, when did it start?: 

Johnke: “Boneheads started in 1997, and they started with the baseball players at this school. When they were not in season, they went to the football games to start the Boneheads in the crowds. They continued that tradition and used to wear uniforms, but over time they evolved.” 

What made you become a Bonehead?: 

Nagel: “For me, every Friday seeing all the Boneheads just get hyped up at the football games seemed like a lot of fun, so I wanted to try to apply.”

Johnke: “For me, my mom went to Lewisville High School and she was in the graduating class that the Boneheads began. I kind of have that backstory and know how it started, and I know it is a wonderful tradition at this school. It truly is, in a way, how we can go in front of a crowd and influence people, and make sure everybody is excited and get ready for that school spirit we not only want but we deserve.” 

Gamble: “I wanted to be a Bonehead because I have a lot of school spirit because I found a school I can be myself in and being here I’m able to express my silly goofy self. Being a Bonehead makes me known for my silliness and other people think it’s cool. It’s a way to make me fit in and express my love for this school and my enthusiasm to be a part of it.” 

Is Boneheads only a STUCO group, or can it be for everyone?

Johnke: “Last year there were elections to being a Bonehead, you do not have to be in the class, you just have to fill out a form to apply to be a Bonehead. We run it differently now where there is an application process and you can sign up to be a Bonehead, but you need a lead Bonehead and you can be in any organization.” 

What are the expectations of being a Bonehead?

Gamble: “You have to be enthusiastic, you can’t do it just for the title, and you actually have to like our school. There are certain expectations: You are going to be the one leading the crowds who are excited to be there and you can’t sign up just to be signed up. You’re expected to have a lot of enthusiasm for our school and school spirit in order to be a Bonehead.”

What are your favorite moments?

Johnke: “I would say the progression through football games and volleyball games, especially the football games we go to whether it’s away games or home games. The homecoming game was a highlight and it was almost like a surreal experience because you’re looking out in the crowd and they’re all listening to you, you’re influencing them, and you’re getting them hyped up.” 

Nagel: “Mine is also the homecoming game, the crowd was filled up all the way to the top. It was really cool to be able to lead that entire crowd.” 

Gamble: “I recently became a Bonehead, but at this moment my highlight is when I get to go around and ask people to sign my bones because it’s fun to get to talk to people [because] not only your friends are signing it but as many people as you can get. So you go out to meet new people and you’re like ‘Hey I’m a Bonehead, look out for me during games. Do you want to sign my Bonehead vest?’ then they want to join you in the chants because they see you going out and making an effort.” 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a Bonehead? 

Nagel: “I would say for younger generations, if you want to be a Bonehead, don’t be afraid of what people think about you, be out there and willing to put your school before yourself. Help promote that hype and that spirit.” 

Gamble: “You have to do it because you love the school, not because you just want to have the uniform. You have to have some kind of pride in your school in order for you to go out there and share that with everybody else.”

Johnke: “You need to not only do it for yourself, but out of the school spirit you have, and as a Bonehead you need to be one of the most spirited and have the ability to influence that in others. I would say that’s number one.”