LHS Top 10 – 9. Laura Oliva Cuenca

Get to know Number 9 Laura Oliva Cuenca as she reflects on her high school experience


AJ Jackson

“I’m the first one to go to college and high school in the United States, but [my parents’] support and motivation is all I needed.”


Favorite movie: “The Pianist”

Spirit animal: Cat

Household item you would use as a weapon in a fight: A pan

Favorite superhero: The Flash

Ninjas or pirates: Pirates because of Johnny Depp


Q: What college will you attend? What is your intended major?

A: “Next year I will go to the University of Texas at Dallas here in Richardson, and I’m double majoring in electrical engineering and Spanish.”

Q: What extracurriculars have you been involved in throughout high school?

A: “I’ve been in orchestra for all four years of high school and three years during middle school. I’m in National Honors Society, AVID for three years, Interact, National Science Honors Society and Academic Decathlon. I think those are the most important.”

Q: What was the most challenging aspect about balancing extracurriculars and academics?

A: “Honestly, making the time to do the stuff you have to do and not procrastinating because I’m a huge procrastinator. So, a lot of the time I would not sleep and then do my work. I definitely will try to change that, but that has been the most challenging part.”

Q: What class has been most challenging for you? Why?

A: “Even though they’re my favorites, a lot of math classes are the hardest for me. I know I said I’m going into engineering, but it’s because I took all of my math foundation classes online, and we all know how that went. I don’t really have a good foundation in math, but I’m hoping to fix that. Math is my favorite subject too, so I know it’s contradicting.” 

Q: Who has helped you the most throughout these last four years? How have they helped you?

A: “My parents. I have a lot of teachers that have also helped me, but my parents are the main ones. They’ve just been there for me. They haven’t been able to help me much because I’m the first one to go to college and high school in the United States, but their support and motivation is all I needed.”

Q: What has been the most memorable part of high school?

A: “COVID-19. If my answer has to be good, it would be being able to stay at home, but I think that’s most memorable. When I think of high school, I’m just going to think of COVID-19.”

Q: What advice would you give to your freshman self?

A: “I would say to take it easier and enjoy high school more. Don’t take everything so hard. You always want to do well in your classes and stuff, but you also need to take time for yourself, you don’t want to get burnt out.”

Q: What are you most excited about regarding college?

A: “There’s more freedom than high school. You’re able to actually take classes you like and want to explore, being able to work toward a career and make money. That sounds very superficial though.”

Q: Where do you hope to see yourself in 10 years?

A: “I hope to have graduated college and have a successful career and enjoy life with my family.”

Q: What would you change about your high school experience?

A: “COVID-19. I would definitely try to enjoy my high school experience more and make more friends. I would’ve wanted to research more opportunities for college because there’s a lot you don’t know just because you don’t find out about it.”